In normal circumstances

a. We will deliver an order within the agreed delivery period, but we cannot be held liable for any loss caused by late delivery. If we do deliver late you are not entitled to regard this as a breach of contract.

b. Goods will be delivered to the delivery address supplied by you. You are considered to have given authority to accept a delivery on your behalf or any person who actually accepts delivery at the delivery address.

c. If we or the goods carrier cannot deliver to the delivery address then we may either store the goods and deliver at a later date, or return the goods to stock and deliver similar goods later.

d. You are obliged to provide adequate labour facilities at the delivery or collection address to unload or load the Goods without undue delay. We will require compensation for any loss we suffer arising from delivery or collection or non-delivery or non-collection of the Goods. If it is not our fault, nor that of our carrier, that any delivery or collection is delayed or cannot be carried out then we will charge you for any extra costs incurred.

e. If we deliver in instalments to you, then each instalment is a separate contract. If payment in full is not made to us at the proper time for orders which have already been delivered, then we may withhold or cancel delivery of any other of your orders which have not yet been delivered.

f. Our prices exclude delivery or transport charges, insurance in transit taxes. We will charge you extra for transport, packaging, taxes and insurance as applicable.



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