Numatic Backpack Vacuum Cleaner RSB.140

36V Cordless vacuum with battery charged LCD display. Comfortable shoulder strap. Ideal for use in areas without power supply. Can be used in difficult situations such as stairways. Hand control module for easy on/off operation. 6 Litre capacity.


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This backpack vacuum cleaner from the makers of Henry Hoover is an ideal choice for hoovering difficult areas or places without a power supply. The vacuum runs from battery power and is therefore ideal for use in stairways, aircraft, buses, trains and even cinemas. The RucSac features an LCD display showing the battery charge status and a hand control module enabling easy on and off operation to save power. All with a comfortable shoulder strap, vacuuming has never been so easy! This item boasts a 6 litre capacity.

Weight 8.90 kg
Dimensions 130.00 × 61.00 mm




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