Colop Motivational Stamp Asstd 4 Pack A

COLOP Motivational Stamp Assorted Pack A 4 Stamps MOTIVPK1. Pre-inked stamp provides thousands of impressions. Can be re-inked. Stamp impression 22 x 22mm. Contains purple star, gold star, Almost At Your Target and What a Star.

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Implement a motivation and reward system at home or at school with this assorted pack of 4 COLOP Motivational Stamps. The pre-inked stamps provide thousands of impressions and can be easily re-inked when needed. The fun designs reward and encourage children. Each stamp impression measures 22 x 22mm. This assorted pack contains 1 x What A Star, 1 x purple star, 1 x Almost At Your Target and 1 x gold star with smiley face.

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