Cleartex Hard Floors 120x150cm Chairmat

Hard floor protection for office chairs. Unique Floortex PVC material. Phthalate free: no harmful plasticisers. Smooth back for secure floor placement. Eco-friendly: 20% to 40% recycled material. Clear design. Dimensions: 1200x1500mm. Non returnable.


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Lay down a Cleartex Phthalate Free Chair Mat to protect the floor in your home or office and allow freer movement on your chair. This 1200x1500mm PVC mat helps to protect valuable hardwood or other hard floors from damage caused by repeated use of a chair. A Cleartex mat is a useful investment to keep floors in top condition, even with the wear and tear of office life. The attractive clear material is free of cadmium, tin and phthalates – all materials that could cause health problems. It includes a gripped back for secure placement on your carpet.

Weight 5.00 kg
Dimensions 12001500- × 1210.00 mm




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